MDS at the Pool

The January 2017 scuba class in the pool!
January at the Pool  Videos from the Pool G0010846 G0010847 G0020850
G0020856 G0020859 G0020860 G0020866
G0020868 G0020875 G0020877 G0020880
G0020881 G0020882 G0030893 G0030894
G0030895 G0030896 G0030897 G0030898
G0030899 G0030900 G0030901 G0030902
G0060909 G0060910 G0060911 G0060912
G0060913 G0060914 G0060916 G0060917
G0060918 G0060919 G0060920 G0060921
G0060922 G0060923 G0060925 G0060926
G0060927 G0060931 G0060934 G0060935
G0060937 G0060938 G0060939 G0060940
G0060941 G0060942 G0060943 G0060944
G0060946 G0060949 G0060969 G0060970
G0060979 G0060982 G0060988 G0060989
G0060990 G0060991 G0060996 R0010003
R0010004 R0010005 R0010006 R0010007
R0010009 R0010011 R0010012 R0010013
R0010014 R0010015 R0010017 R0010020
R0010021 R0010022 R0010024 R0010025